Our services

Together with you, we design and execute successful marketing practices, practical digital solutions and efficient communications in all channels and all types of media. We have experienced marketing and communications professionals in both planning and implementation.  Over the past years, we have invested especially in digital media and web solutions. Our clientele includes companies, government agencies, municipalities and communities.


  • strategic planning and consultation of marketing and communication
  • marketing design and execution
  • campaign design and implementation
  • design of digital services and websites, content creation and technical implementation (ia. mobile services, newsletters, forms)
  • marketing automation
  • video design and execution
  • streaming
  • design and implementation of communications
  • (B2C ja B2B: communications strategy, journals, presentation materials, press briefs, annual reviews, content creation, editorial work and communication training)
  • social media
  • media agency services (SST is an official Google Partner)
  • infographics, 3D modeling
  • event marketing (ia. planning, trade show booths and materials)


  • Webinars and webcasting
  • Newsletter services
  • Market research
  • Media tracking service
  • Online-video service

We are a Hansel framework agreement supplier for the term 2017 – 2021. Hansel is the central procurement unit of the Finnish government.
Olemme Hansel puitesopimustoimittaja kaudella 2017 - 2021