Works - Mainostoimisto SST

Professional portal: (Orion) website is a databank made for the professionals of the fields of pharmacy and care. This constantly developing portal works as a material bank for education, data and marketing. It’s also a platform for placing product orders.

A campaign for recruitment: The Finnish Defence Forces

Only a few know that around one third of the people working for the Finnish Defence Forces are civilians. The campaign for recruitment offers information about versatile tasks and assignments. With this campaign the Finnish Defence Forces search for professionals e.g. from the field of cyber security.

A brand conspicuousness: Anja dose dispenser (PharmaService)

Anja is a mechanical dose dispensing service offered by PharmaService LLC. The service constantly needs new customers, so we planned a marketing strategy which took into account both the consumers and the professionals of health care. 

Increasing sales: Collection campaign (Orion)

For many years Orion’s collection campaign has increased the sales of self-care drugs in several pharmacies. During each campaign tens of thousands of customers have purchased useful quality products with the collectible campaign stamps.